Best Coffee Shop in Traverse City (UPDATE)


Well, a few weeks ago I re-blogged a post about some of the best coffee in TC.  I reached out to the author and asked him to update his list since it was several years old.  However, Rodger V. has moved back to D-town and doesn’t feel he could give a quality update to his original top Five.  Soooooo, I will post what I feel is the top five:

Number 5 – Starbucks (Inside Meijer)

Well, in the past year Starbucks has really slipped (In my opinion).  Although the coffee itself is still consistent, the service at this particular location has been dreadful.  I hope they step it up soon.

Number 4 – BIGGBY

Biggby was in town several years ago and for some reason they decided to move out.  Well, they’re back and they are doing a very good job on the service end.  However, I (personally) cannot take a coffee shop too seriously if they are serving coffee that is “flavored”  (i.e. the flavor is already in the coffee, it’s not a syrup that is added later).  What can I say, I’m a coffee snob.  Anyway, another thing Biggby has against it is the location – On a busy day it is hard to get in or out of their shared parking lot.

Number 3 – Olson’s/Higher Grounds

For me, Olson’s is a one/two punch!  Every Thursday is “donut day” with my son.  We head over to Olson’s because they have great donuts and Higher Grounds coffee.  What’s more, you cannot beat the price.

Number 2 – Higher Grounds

Higher Grounds is a great local roaster with a very nice coffee shop up front. It is located on the property of the Old Traverse City State Hospital.  In the summer time you can sit outside and enjoy your coffee in the shade.  Great Coffee and Great Atmosphere!

Number 1 – The Brew

The Brew has nailed every aspect of a coffee shop/house experience.  The atmosphere rocks, The coffee IS the best in town. And the location is prime.  I don’t get downtown enough, but when I do I always want to stop in at The Brew for an espresso or brewed coffee.


2 thoughts on “Best Coffee Shop in Traverse City (UPDATE)

  1. Thanks, next time I’m in TC, I’ll check out “The Brew”. Also, is the Starbucks in Meijer run by Meijer employees or Starbucks employees? Down here, the SB’s in Target stores are horrible, because they are run by Target, not SB. I still agree, though, that local shops are way better than chains.

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