The Real Life (Mountain Biking and Coffee)

What wakes you up?  What make you feel alive?

Those are two questions that’s easy for me to answer; coffee wakes me up and I feel alive when I’m on the Mt Bike trail.  

Over the past several days I have written a few postings about the Christian life; today, I would like to write about a few of my other passions (coffee and Mt. Biking).  

Let’s start with Coffee!


Starbucks Coffee logo. One of my favorite coffees because they are consistent and consistently good. I am often asked; “Terry, why do you buy Starbucks if you are a coffee roaster yourself, don’t you like your own coffee?” Yes I do like my coffee, but I also enjoy seeing friends at Starbucks or reading the Bible there to prepare for the day.

I have been a coffee drinker for well over 20 years now and a coffee importer/roaster for the past 10 years.  My coffee hobby is really small time – I roast for a few friends, family members and myself.  However, I do drink a lot of it on a daily basis (Strong, Black coffee).  Currently I have five varieties of coffee that I offer and my favorite way to prepare coffee is the espresso shot (not expresso) or an ice latte.  As soon an I finish this article I’m headed home to brew an espresso!

BTW, coffee doesn’t have to be bitter – if you want some brewing tips please send me a DM.

Now on to Mt. Biking!


Photo of me with my Cannondale Mt Bike. The view is at the top of the Big M trail down in Manistee County Michigan.

Like my love for coffee, I have been Mt Biking for nearly 20 years.  It is a hobby I truly enjoy – I like to go out on rides by myself or with others (doesn’t really matter).  I like to be challenged but I also know my own limitations.  I try to get at least 10 – 15 miles in every time I go out so that my time out also acts as a great workout.  To me, there is nothing like ride up a long hill (conquering it) then getting off your bike to enjoy the view.  

If you are in the area and would like to ride sometime, send me a DM and we’ll try to connect.  There are some great places to ride in Northern Michigan.


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