Here are some good thoughts for the next time you are thinking about ordering a “good” cup of coffee after your meal.

Cuppa Joel

Okay, so this is a bit of a pet-peeve, but it boggles me that so many really great restaurants are content to serve just mediocre to downright awful coffee at the end of a meal. Admittedly, I don’t get out to eat very often, so when I do spend a couple hundred dollars on a really enjoyable dinner, being served bad coffee at the end of it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, literally. So I have assembled some bright red flags for when you shouldn’t even bother ordering coffee at a restaurant:

1) The restaurant gets their coffee pre-ground. Coffee stales so much faster once it is ground, even good coffee can’t stand up to being ground days before use, much less the weeks or months restaurants often keep coffee.

2) The restaurant brews and stores the coffee in large urns until someone orders a cup. Once…

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